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VB.NET Workshop @ Design Modelling Symposium Berlin 2011

In collaboration with Martin Schroth, Marc Hoppermann gave a workshop on the use of VB.NET in the design process at this years’s Design modelling symposium in Berlin.
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Parametric Modeling with Rhino Grasshopper is already widely used in architectural practice and education and has led to computational abilities far beyond Euclidean geometry. To use the tool even more interactively and create more complex responsive design systems the step into scripting is essential. This master class will therefore explore the possibilities enabled by the scripting components in VB.NET that use the RhinoCommon framework.

During the 2-day course participants will work hands-on with the instructors on a series of exercises designed to give them both technical knowledge and a broad understanding of emerging interactive and associative modeling strategies. A series of pre-written code blocks will be provided to explain the workflow of a feedback design system from first concepts to a physical prototype that each participant will be able to create at the end of the two days.

The Master Class „Responsive“ pursues design techniques that are capable of managing complex qualities of interaction and responsiveness to characterize the combination of visual programming within Rhino Grasshopper and the algorithmic processes on VB.Net scripting. Our approach to parametric systems addresses new ways in which feedback, as advanced use within visual programming, can control dynamic information to effect and adjust larger design processes. The formation, organization and performance of new advanced design techniques afford intelligent use of responsive information from real-time interaction to generate and control complex design solutions.